Online Learning Support Group

Beginning January 10th, 6:00-7:00 pm EST!

Lifestyle behaviors with ongoing/excessive work-life and environmental stress drive 75% to 85% of chronic health care conditions. Expanding educational resources for self-care has become essential to maintain health and wellbeing as well as to manage chronic conditions.

Life is experiencing who we really are, the simplicity of our organic being. Cultivating a relationship with our bodies allow us to access the innate knowledge to self-heal simplifying our lives and significantly reducing stress.

Join us as we delve into the true nature of our physical form. Our body holds the ancient wisdoms of Nature and the universe as well as the secrets to creation. As we deepen our relationship attuning to the body’s subtle communication, we learn the alchemic properties in the simplicity of life.

Learn experientially in a supportive community via:

  • Group conference calls
  • Online course content
  • Depth-work and activities
  • Mind-body rejuvenating practices
  • Discussion forum (chat)

Please RSVP to receive more details and information to join the teleconferences.