Living Sanctuary

Free Online Support Program

Preventive and restorative self-care has become essential to maintain health and wellbeing as well as to manage chronic conditions. Learn how to use simple self-healing practices to relax, to revitalize, and restore the mind-body/spirit-soul!

Living Sanctuary provides a free online support program for addressing emotional-mental or life difficulties, improving health and wellbeing; and for personal development.

The program includes 7 fundamental aspects of health and wellbeing: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, relational, creativity, and purpose/life meaning. These sessions help to facilitate personal healing with the discovery of new insights/awareness to effectively navigate life challenges and lead a fulfilling life of truth and vibrant self-expression.

Wellbeing Services & Retreats:
§    Personal Sessions (phone/Skype by appointment)
§    Support Groups (conference call)
§    Healing Retreats

Contact us to receive information about our upcoming groups and retreats or to schedule a confidential appointment.